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More than 100 years of experience in forage harvesting and winter maintenance

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Watch our fire movie here! Maximum performance at the moments that matter with the machines from Schuitemaker and Veenhuis. Together we guarantee mastery, today and tomorrow!

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"Grass disappears where the Schuitemaker Rapide appears! The only wagon that can be used for 365 days for silage, fresh grass feeding and winter feeding."

Johan Meinderts

Meinderts Wergea

"It is unimaginable what the Schuitemaker Rapide can move. Especially thanks to the pick-up mechanism. A trailing pick-up gives you more ground clearance, so you can use it as a dual-purpose vehicle."

Stef Aernouts

Loonbedrijf Aernouts

"The machines retain their value and are designed for absolute durability"

Martin Schüürmann

Engbers Söhne GmbH

SVgroup arose in 2019 from the company merger between Schuitemaker and Veenhuis. With two strong brands, international agricultural solutions are offered in the segments feeding, forage harvesting and manure application. In addition, Schuitemaker offers winter service solutions for the winter maintenance for the Dutch market.
Together we guarantee mastery.

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